World Bloggers’ Day 2012 in Tacloban

It’s more fun in Tacloban. It’s more fun blogging in Tacloban.

Once a blogger shall always be a blogger. I realize that wherever I am, whatever I become,   my  love for blogging remains. For five years, I have experienced, and I felt what other bloggers have experienced.

I posted something that only one reads and only one understands. I have written posts my friends and some of unknown readers love and appreciate. I have posted controversial and  get hate mails for it. I have posted something for the sake of blogging. I have revealed my emotions. I rant about politics. I hurt one for posting my thoughts on a public issue.

I could recall more on my fun with blogging! I enjoyed blogging next to music.

As blogger, I cannot let go a remarkable event for bloggers in this world – the World Bloggers’ Day!

World Bloggers Day 2012 has catchy theme: It is more Fun in Blogging and Social Media!

I’ll join thousands other bloggers in world who will celebrate World Bloggers’ day on May 2, 2012. I hope I can celebrate it with bloggers here in Tacloban.

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