Chief Justice Corona as true believer of Justice

I hope tomorrow never comes. I am certain that tomorrow, the time the Impeachment Court will decide whether CJ Corona is guilty or innocent, will mark another scar in our history.

My friends have known that I am on the side of innocence of the Chief Justice. I am basing on the accusations and not on the side issues and mudslinging of the prosecution.

After hearing the both sides, I told my friends that Chief Justice Renato Corona has not committed impeachable offense but rather he committed mistakes by not lining up as President Noynoy Aquino’s ever loyal ally.

The impeachment trial exposed to us various mind-boggling revelations. It exposed to us the well orchestrated movements of the government agencies to favor President Aquino’s desire to oust the Chief Justice.

I will wait until tomorrow and whatever the verdict of the Impeachment Court, I would accept it. I have full trust to Senator-Judges except Sen. Franklin Drilon and Sen. Antonio Trillanes.

Based on their pronouncement and actuation, Sen. Drilon and Sen. Triallanes would vote based on personal bias rather than based on what were presented. Whether they hear the arguments or not nor whether they scrutinize the evidences or not, I believe Sen. Drilon and Sen. Trillanes would vote for conviction.

I think the best return Sen. Antonio Trillanes would be getting would be a slot in senate slate of the administration party on the 2013 midterm elections. Sometimes, election matters rather than principle.

It is bad when ordinary citizen like me would suspect the objectivity of some Senator-Judges. It is unhealthy for the Senators to get shades of suspicion of being bias and being one of President’s men.

The Chief Justice is a true believer of justice. If not, he should have resigned. But like unpopular hero, he subjected himself to severe pains of prejudice. He had sustained the pains and trouble of trial by publicity. I commend him for setting good example of facing the political vengeance of this administration.

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