Leila de Lima as the next Chief Justice

We don’t want a Chief Justice who is too close to the President. Of course, we don’t want a Chief Justice who is a Doberman of Malacanang. Have we not impeached CJ Corona because President Aquino believed that the Chief Justice was too close to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?

Now, that Noynoy Aquino is about to appoint new Chief Justice, we want that he will appoint someone who is not close to him. The next Chief Justice must not allow himself to advance the interest of Malacanang.

We don’t want the one who has no competence, integrity, high sense of independence to become Chief Justice. We don’t want Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

On July 2, Leila de Lima proved her worth by accepting the nomination to become the next Chief Justice. After the reminder of all good people who wanted to save her from drowning into her ambition, she decided to accept the nomination hoping that she will get appointed.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima claimed her independence but look how she allow herself and her office to be used by Malacanang.

Leila de Lima seemed forgotten the word delicadeza. After she all her efforts to help the impeachment of CJ Corona, it now becomes clear that she did it because she is salivating for the position.

The one who defy the order from the Supreme Court and has pending disbarment case would like to become Chief Justice. How pathetic!

Now, what can we expect from Leila de Lima? She don’t even have experience as trial court judge and now she wanted to become Chief Justice?

Leila de Lima as Chief Justice will just make the Supreme Court an extension of the Palace.

I hope de Lima will reconsider her decision. She has no competence to become Chief Justice. And once she will get appointed and will accept the position, that would be the beginning of the collapse of justice in the Philippines.

One more question for Justice Secretary Leila de Lima. If she is really competent and have unquestionable integrity, why can’t she get confirmation from the Commission on Appointments for 8 times?

2 thoughts on “Leila de Lima as the next Chief Justice

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