TESDA Director General Joel Villanueva and the Anti-Epal Bill of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

How I wish the “anti-epal” bill of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is now enacted. I want to see Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA) Director General Joel Villanueva to go to jail.

The former anti-graft (CIBAC) champion is now top on the list of appointed officials who are using their office and public funds to advance their personal interest. It’s not a secret that Joel Villanueva is grooming himself to become senator as evidenced by his billboards financed by TESDA funds.

Senate Bill No. 1967, known as the anti-epal bill is formally titled as “An Act Prohibiting Public Offers from Claiming Credit through Signage Announcing a Public Works Project”.

The bill imposes a jail term of between six months and one year on a public official who would have his or her name or image printed on a “signage announcing a proposed or ongoing public works project.” If the bill has already been enacted, most likely, TESDA Director General Joel Villanueva would spend between 6 months to a year in jail. Amen.

Joel Villanueva, by using millions of TESDA money for self-promotion is a violation of the “anti-epal” principles. It is a form of corruption. It is very disgusting how Joel Villanueva use the hard-earned taxpayer’s money to fuel his ambition to become senator.

Do you want to see the epal billboards and tarps of Joel Villanueva? Check the post of Mom Blogger and see the shameless self promotion of Joel Villanueva.

In the words of Alvin Capino in Manila Standard Today,

Villanueva’s self-promotion campaign using Tesda funds includes not only traditional billboards (anyone who passes through NLEX cannot miss Tesda’s billboard featuring a huge photograph of Villanueva) but an expensive electronic billboard on Edsa as well.

There are even buses where Villanueva’s photos are prominently featured as part of the Tesda ad. We saw Villanueva’s Tesda “epal” bus ad in the back of a JAM transit when we went to Laguna last week and we wondered how much Tesda spent to put up those ads and how much the agency is paying monthly for those bus ads.

There are also TV commercials of Tesda again promoting Villanueva. It would not be surprising if there are radio and print ads that give Villanueva credit for Tesda’s accomplishments.

What gives people a bad taste in the mouth at seeing the expenditure of millions of Tesda funds to promote Villanueva is the fact that Villanueva is running for a Senate seat. He is not only engaged in what appears to be early campaigning but he is using public funds for it.

Santiago is right when she points out that public officials must not claim credit for projects funded by taxpayers’ money stressing that the practice is not only unnecessary and highly unethical.

But for a young ambitious man, would Joel Villanueva still remember his words about ethics, accountability, and about corruption?

It is very disgusting that in his website, he is described as leader with strong moral character. But what morals are they talking about when public funds are being used to print and promote his name and face? Where are the christian values of Joel Villanueva?

I think Joel Villanueva should not be given a chance to become Senator. Otherwise, our children would remember him as one of those who use their positions for personal interest.

8 thoughts on “TESDA Director General Joel Villanueva and the Anti-Epal Bill of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago

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  3. I dont care what you want to say here!all l know TESDA Dir. does his job well done!wether he is going to run for senate or not!…l dont think miriam santiago win those people who believe to what Dir.Joel Villanueva’s ideas,dreams and advocacy for the good governance in our very dear country.maybe miriam santiago is just intimidated to the very young and agressive public servant…we should be thankful to have such like him knowing that our country has been the heaven of corrupt people who has been sitting as public servant as their primary base to steal,kill,and to destroy the good image of the Philippines…

  4. sabi po ng COA wala pa pong gastos ang TESDA sa pag gamit ng bulletin’s ang totoo po nyan ay mdming sumusuporta sa knya at sila po mismo ang nagpapa gawa nun, (VOLUNTEER).

    • May nagdududa din kasi kung ano ang kapalit ng mga gigawang yun ng mga nag-do-donate. Bakit kailangang mukha ni Villanueva ang ilagay? Pwede din naman ang picture ng mga TESDA facilities di ba?

  5. I personally saw the billboards of TESDA…. Ako man ay di mkapaniwala na mas malaki pa yung name nya kaysa sa message na pinararating ng billboard… I’m really disappointed… Wooo kahit saan angulo epal parin tawag don… May instance pa na nadaan ako sa Training Center nila tpos nakita ko puro flags tpos my surname nya… nakakaasar di mo na manonotice na Tesda yon ehhh… kahit pa sabihin ng COA wlang ginatos na pera ng bayan. ganon pa rin yon epal pa rin… May info pa ako sa mga kakilala ko na dati daw libre training sa TESDA my allowance pa ngayon daw Daming binabayaran… Reminds mo of the quote “ang tunay na nagmamalasakit ay hindi naghihintay ng pagkilala” Delekadesa nman…

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