Anti-Epal Campaign Against Joel Villanueva Only; No Dirty Politics for Ad Industry

I have read the the appeal of businessmen to spare them from politics. I am referring to this story, Advertising execs cry foul over ‘dirty’ politics, published online by The Daily Tribune.

Just for today, I promise not to drag the names of these businessmen – so I would not mention their names here.

I would like to clarify that the anti-epal campaign does not target the businessmen nor any business industry. The targets are the politicians who used their position to shamelessly promote their names and faces and those who have intention to run for an elective position – like Joel Villanueva.

In the report, the businessmen confessed that Sec. Joel Villanueva was informed about their “project” – putting up “outdoor ads along North Luzon Toll Highway and the South Superhighway”.

Here, I quote:

We sought Mr. Villanueva for an audience and it was during that meeting that we presented and sought permission covering our proposal to put up these billboards in our private spots, using private funds for an advocacy that runs consistent with the belief of our private corporation.

There could have been no problem if those ads just exclude the face of Joel Villanueva and Noynoy Aquino. They can better communicate their advocacy without the faces of Joel Villanueva and Noynoy Aquino. I share the same line of thoughts with blogger Noemi Lardizabal-Dado. As she noted in her Twitter account (‏@momblogger):

Nothing wrong with promoting TESDA but TESDA is not Joel Villanueva [Villanueva] is not TESDA. Why put his face?

BlogWatch.Ph (@blogwatchdotph) shares similar thoughts:

If it’s promoting TESDA’s skill-building, why are they promoting a person?

Following the same logic, should they put the faces of DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro to encourage children to study or to show support to basic education? Why are they not doing that? The reason is simple. Luistro will not run for senator and they cannot get favor from him while Villanueva, if lucky enough and get a seat in the Senate, could give them some favors.

I suggest the billboards should instead contain pictures of trainees, machines used in trainings, or quotations about blue collar jobs. There are thousands of ways. Having the face of Joel Villanueva in billboards just discourage the youth. That man is not a very good model for the Filipino youth.

Why cry foul about the billboards of Joel Villanueva? It is because it is an epal act; it is because Sec. Villanueva already discussed his intention to run for Senator.

So who would believe that Sec. Villanueva is promoting TESDA? I would say, the TESDA Director is not promoting the agency but used TESDA in promoting himself! That’s deception!

Why there are many entities willing to spend millions just to put up those billboards of Joel Villanueva? It is because Joel Villanueva will run for senator and if he wins, the donations will be translated into favors. Would that make sense?

Sec. Joel Villanueva continue to be peotic as if he does not know the connection among his intention to run (ambition to become Senator), the donations, his shameless promotion of himself, deception, and of being epal.

Clearly, a man who dwells on his political ambition would forget that yesterday, he cried foul over the same stuff he is doing today.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Epal Campaign Against Joel Villanueva Only; No Dirty Politics for Ad Industry

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  2. 1. Kung epal ibig sabihin ng tumutulong para magka trabaho mga kababayan natin, oo epal na!

    2. Kung si PNOY at COA na nagsabi wala gastos gobyerno sa advocacy ad ng TESDA, ano ibig sabihin? Yung dating TESDA DG P33M ginastos! sino epal dito?

    3. Konting research lang muna bago bago tumira!

    • #1. Hindi naman lahat ng tumutulong para magka-trabaho ay epal. Ang epal ay yung mga taong pinalandakan ang ginagawa para sumikat dahil siya ay may plano na tatakbo sa eleksiyon. Kung walang planong tatakbo sa eleksiyon si Villanueva e, di siya mapapel. Kailangan ba talaga ilagay ang mukha nya?

      #2. Ang pag-usapan natin ay si Villanueva. Naging epal din ang dating pinuno ng TESDA dahil sa kanyang ads at dahil din sa intensiyon nyang tumakbo sa halalan. Pero tapos na yon. May nag-sampa na ng reklamo. Kahit sino pa ang gumastos, dahil may basbas ni Villanueva ang paglagay ng ads, mapapel siya. Nakakatakot nga na mga businessmen ang nag-gastos. Ano makukuha nila? Pabor pag nahalal na si Villanueva? Di natin maiwasang magduda.

      #3. Hindi lang konting research ang kailangan. Kailangan ding mag-isip.

      Maraming salamat po.

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