Leila de Lima: A walking violation of the rule of law

Among the first batch of Chief Justice (CJ) aspirants, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima’s words tickled my nerves.

It was good that she was asked why she defied the temporary restraining order (TRO) of the Supreme Court (SC) to her watch list order that would prevent former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from leaving the country for medical reasons. But the answer of Leila de Lima made me feel so bad.

De Lima, in her usual angry voice explained to the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) that she did defiance because she could not obey a wrong order.

My question to de Lima is: How could she determine that the order of the Supreme Court is wrong? I wonder if we could ask de Lima to determine for us and enumerate to us what other Supreme Court orders are wrong. Perhaps, this lady secretary of justice can provide us wisdom which of the Supreme Court decisions are wrong according to her own interpretation.

In his column, lawyer and veteran journalist Emil Jurado reminded Leila de Lima:

As a lawyer, De Lima should realize that what the Supreme Court says is the law, whether she likes it or not. Those who disagree may file a motion for reconsideration.

The words and action of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima made her the most unqualified candidate for the Chief Justice position. Besides the fact that she lacks experience and she has disbarment case.

Emil Jurado’s description to what De Lima must be the perfect line for de Lima. He told his readers:

I call de Lima a walking violation of the rule of law

I agree with him and I believe that de Lima should no be appointed as the next Chief Justice. Seven people already filed their formal opposition to Leila de Lima’s candidacy for Chief Justice. That’s more than enough for her to reconsider her ambition.

I would like de Lima to reconsider her ambition to become the next Chief Justice because she has no competence, integrity, high sense of independence.

If ever she become one (God forbid), de Lima would become the CJ of the Palace and the Supreme Court, I’m afraid, would become the extension of Malacanang.

De Lima would then risk herself as the next CJ to be impeached! The Filipino nation cannot accept a Chief Justice that violates the rule of law!

The dilemma of Leila de Lima

Can we ignore a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued by the Supreme Court (SC)? We can’t. Nobody can’t except Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

Leila de Lima

By defying the order of the Supreme Court, Leila de Lima, was telling us that she has power more than that of the Supreme Court and that she has the intelligence that surpass that of SC as collegial body.

Ironically, Leila de Lima wants (dreams) to become the Chief Justice of the Surpreme Court. If she became the CJ, would we have the license to defy the order of the Supreme Court? Can we cite what she did as our defense against disrespect to the Supreme Court?

Senator Miriam Santiago was correct when she said (as reported in Manila Standand Today report) that “Leila de Lima (would be) in a dilemma if she was appointed chief justice of the Supreme Court”.

In the same report, Senator Miriam Santiago was quoted saying:

If she becomes chief justice and under her the Supreme Court issues a TRO and someone refuses to obey it using the same grounds, then she will certainly be in a dilemma

Indeed, Leila de Lima will “certainly be in a dilemma”.

Like the character in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Leila de Lima had changed the “rules” and made her own “interpretation”. If, by bad luck (of the Filipinos), Leila de Lima would become Chief Justice, we could expect a change that would best serve only Leila de Lima and President Noynoy Aquino as his master.

I hope Leila de Lima will be disqualified. She is not fitted for the position.

Leila de Lima as the next Chief Justice

We don’t want a Chief Justice who is too close to the President. Of course, we don’t want a Chief Justice who is a Doberman of Malacanang. Have we not impeached CJ Corona because President Aquino believed that the Chief Justice was too close to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?

Now, that Noynoy Aquino is about to appoint new Chief Justice, we want that he will appoint someone who is not close to him. The next Chief Justice must not allow himself to advance the interest of Malacanang.

We don’t want the one who has no competence, integrity, high sense of independence to become Chief Justice. We don’t want Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

On July 2, Leila de Lima proved her worth by accepting the nomination to become the next Chief Justice. After the reminder of all good people who wanted to save her from drowning into her ambition, she decided to accept the nomination hoping that she will get appointed.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima claimed her independence but look how she allow herself and her office to be used by Malacanang.

Leila de Lima seemed forgotten the word delicadeza. After she all her efforts to help the impeachment of CJ Corona, it now becomes clear that she did it because she is salivating for the position.

The one who defy the order from the Supreme Court and has pending disbarment case would like to become Chief Justice. How pathetic!

Now, what can we expect from Leila de Lima? She don’t even have experience as trial court judge and now she wanted to become Chief Justice?

Leila de Lima as Chief Justice will just make the Supreme Court an extension of the Palace.

I hope de Lima will reconsider her decision. She has no competence to become Chief Justice. And once she will get appointed and will accept the position, that would be the beginning of the collapse of justice in the Philippines.

One more question for Justice Secretary Leila de Lima. If she is really competent and have unquestionable integrity, why can’t she get confirmation from the Commission on Appointments for 8 times?

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima: No competence, integrity, high sense of independence to become Chief Justice

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima shows her true color. She is now making public her long concealed ambition. After doing her best to serve the interest of President Noynoy Aquino and least on the interest of the people, Leila de Lima now expect to become the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. I hope she reconsider and would put her strong lust for the position into shelves.

First, how could she become a Chief Justice when she herself did not respect the Supreme Court?

Second, did she bother to ask why the Commission on Appointments could not confirm her position as Justice Secretary? It boils down to competence and integrity and De Lima lacked that qualities.

Third, who told her that she had the qualities needed for a Chief Justice? Only Aquino, maybe.

The Chief Justice should have competence, integrity, high sense of independence to become Chief Justice, De Lima told. She felt that she has all the three.

I concur with the wisdom Manila Standard Today, “On these three measures alone, we are sorry to say, De Lima has proved grossly unqualified.”

On competence, Manila Standard Today, reminds us how former Commissioner Leila de Lima of Commission on Human Rights (CHR) handled the Maguindanao Massacre. Now that she become the Secretary of Justice, she did too little to Maguindanao Massacre but did much to prosecute the enemy of her boss, President Noynoy.

Working for the desire of the President and not to serve the nation is what make Justice Secretary Leila de Lima unqualified to the position of Chief Justice. Clearly, she has no integrity and sense of independence.

I hope the lady will reconsider her dreams of becoming the next Chief Justice. As Manila Standard puts it, “shameless self-promotion, naked ambition and a lust for position.”

I am afraid that if ever Leila de Lima become the Chief Justice, she would do nothing except to protect the interest of President Noynoy Aquino and his family.

I’m afraid when Chief Justice has no minds of his/her own and just rely on the words of his/her benefactor.