Online Petition: 1 Million Signatures to Oust Senator Tito Sotto

I agree with thousands of online petitioners who call for the resignation of Sen. Tito Sotto III. This will soon reach more than a million.

Image from Voltaire Domingo as used in online petition.

After copying other’s work without attribution and spreading far-from-truth information about reproductive health, Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III must resign as senator of the Philippines.

I invited my friends to check the online petition in to understand the reasons why we are calling Sen. Tito Sotto III to resign.

Here are the reasons why the senator must be unseated as cited in the online petition.

  1. He is a serial plagiarist and shows no remorse. He steals other people’s intellectual property when he doesn’t have his own, which only shows that in his career as a senator, he DOES NOT EXERT ANY EFFORT to think and carefully arrive at strategic, impactful decisions. Does the Philippines really need that kind of leader right now? He also shamelessly takes Bible verses out of context to justify his acts and hence serves as a bad example to our youth.
  2. He is a popular public figure yet he uses his political and showbiz influence to spread misinformation about reproductive health. It’s not even about the RH bill itself–whether you’re anti- or pro-RH, WRONG INFORMATION AND LIES only confuse the general public, prevent intelligent discussion, and pointlessly prolong decision-making.
  3. He is sexist. He blames the death of his first-born child on his wife’s use of contraceptives when he could have prevented the unwanted pregnancy by ABSTAINING from sexual intercourse. Must the burden of responsible pregnancy always fall first on the shoulders of women?

As of this time, Sen. Tito Sotto has not shared yet his thoughts about the online petition. Will  he cry? Will he propose a legislation? Or he will once again deliver a speech. Let’s hope that it will not be a translation of someone’s speech and let’s hope he will not copy it from blogs.