Music is like sex

I am wondering if music is as good for you as it is for me. Music does me good things – makes me happy, makes me excited, makes me relax, makes me high!

Music does as good as sex. I am one of those who say that music is like sex.

If music is sex then I could have a very happy sex life. I have it everyday and it is within my reach each time I want it, and everytime I like it.

If music is sex, am I oversexed? Of course not – there’s no such thing. Not even when I have it early morning before getting up, after breakfast, mid-afternoon, before dinner, and before going to sleep.

A good friend of mine who loves sex more than anything would only consider music to drive sex urge. Accordingly, it stimulates the innermost mind like touching and kissing do in stimulating senses. Maybe true, I mean, perhaps you would agree. Sex videos are never good without music and sound effects and background music, isn’t it my friend?

I talked to some fellows who got secret videos in their phone. Six out of ten like “Careless Whisper” in sex scandal videos. There was a particular sex video that I could remember when I hear “Careless Whisper”, although I haven’t seen it. Ring a bell?

How far a romantic dinner goes if without romantic music? What a romantic night would become if without sex?

Different type of music draw different emotions. I listen to pop music along with coffee when I need to boost my energy level. I listen to Eraserheads when I need beats to inspire me and keep me going. I listen to country music to sustain the calmness of the moment. I listen to Yanni’s Rites of Passage when I celebrate success. And I would drown to Enya’s Only Time when I need to move on and when I need to party with my past.

I listen to music when I’m sick and when I’m sad. It’s my medicine. In an evening radio program about sex, I heard someone claiming sex as the best remedy when sickness is caused by stress and pressure. Would you believe? I have not tried it, so I cannot affirm.

Recently, I wrote Music Therapy to share about recent researches on the therapeutic effect of music to people. I am still finding out if there are studies about the therapeutic effect of sex. Perhaps personal experiences of those who tried would be a good material for a claim.

I don’t know if sex would give me the same thing music has endulged me. But I will tell honestly that music make me experience sex.

I am not alone in this world who talked about sex and music. In fact there are scientists who devoted their energy and time on it.

A year ago, published an interesting story. It reads,

Listening to a favorite pop song or classic rock hit can trigger the same chemical reactions in the body as having sex, eating good food or taking drugs, according to Canadian researchers cited Monday in The Montreal Gazette.

Read Music Produces a Natural High Similar to Sex, Canadian Researchers Say

Music is like sex because it makes us what we want to and what we want to feel.

It’s really nice when we always have music with us. It’s as great as having sex everyday! But please be aware that like sex, music is addictive. You may end in a rehabilitation center for music addicts where patients get Brain-Music Therapy (BMT).